Monday, October 1, 2012

The Party of Spring and the Dawn of Fall

It is the first of October today!

First I was excited for September because that is the month where I went from a Princess to a Queen when I married my betrothed the "Beast".

Now I am excited for October because I get to dress up in all my cute fall outfits, wear my bat or ghost earrings, wear the Disney shirt the beast and I got from our Honeymoon to Disneyland last year, the house begins to smell like cookies, and everywhere is a sign that the Halloween section of every store blew up on peoples yards and in their houses!

Of course October is not only a month for the creepy and sneaky but a time to let your imagination roll and the beginning of many feasts and family time.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I am going to be a Porcelain Doll! I'll post pictures when the end of the month comes around!

A couple Days ago Dax- my husband or the Beast- and I went camping in the beautiful wonders of one of God's most magnificent creations: NATURE!

Sure it wasn't some extravagant place like Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, or even Zion National Park or the Redwoods in California just outside of Yosemite. Sure it was only 15-ish minutes just outside of home town about 2-3 miles from a local Lake, BUT we only payed 35 dollars for food, it was free camping, and Dax and I were alone to enjoy each others company. Here's what my husband said about our trip:

"Thursday afternoon Megan picked me up a little early from work and we drove out towards Lake Mary and went camping together. That night we played card games while our hobo dinners cooked in the hot coals of our fire and the read our scriptures together and then found out how hard it is to sleep without a pad underneath our sleeping bag. Friday we had breakfast and then read The Host together for a couple hours. We didn't sleep that well so we took a nap and then went on a hike. We had a picnic, played a long intense game of chess and laughed together then hiked back to our camp. We read some more, talked about all sorts of things and then roasted hot dogs over the fire and enjoyed dinner while talking some more. Later that night we read our scriptures, read our book and then tried to go to sleep. Through out the night we heard all sorts of sounds, wolves howling, deer calls and then annoying people blaring their bass music. We survived the night however and enjoyed breakfast burritos early this morning with a warm cup of hot chocolate. We then packed up camp and ended our trip.
I truly enjoyed this time I had to send with my wonder wife. Every day both of our attention is divided with so many people and things going on around us. To have her with me and no one else was wonderful. She is my best friend and I am so grateful to have her in my life. I love you Megan!"

 Our first fire was started by the Beast with ease. Remember one of the definitions of beast? "Someone who is good at something, so much so that it exceeds human comprehension making them 'non-human' or 'beastly'." ? Well our first night camping Dax did just that. I spent all day making sure we got all the necessary  things packed in our car (more like thrown in the back of the car because I didn't feel like being neat and I was running late) before we left like T.P. or food. There were just a few food items we still had to pick up at the store. I was going to pick him up around 3:30pm so we'd have enough time...

I didn't pick him up until closer to 5:30...

OH....and it was beginning to sprinkle.

So far this camping trip was not turning out right. We arrived at our camping spot at about 6 and we got the fire started and the tent set up and our tin foil or hobo dinners on the coals right under a flaming log, by 6:50pm.


As we played the card game, Speed 4 or 5 times in a row we began to smell all of the deliciousness wrapped up in our tin foil.

Our marinated hamburgers with cheese stuffed in the middle.

Our frozen mixed vegetables with little cubes of butter melting on-top of them.

and our french fries that outlines all of the juicy goodness.

It was tantalizing. Our mouths watering like the hungry savage humans we were...well we could at least pretend to be savage humans since we were in the wilderness.

After dinner we brushed our teeth and got ready for bed which had only one sleeping bag, the tent, and a tarp between us and the floor. I didn't bring any padding because they would overlap in this two-man tent, or a man and a woman tent because I don't think two men would typically want to sleep that close to each other.
Dax said we could have just put it under the tent but that he didn't blame me because he was working while I was running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done


Next morning was cereal, reading the Host, and then nap time.

Although our home town doesn't have any wolves, as was declared by know it all almost brother-in-law, -insert malicious smile here-there are coyotes and they sound similar enough so who cares? They were creatures of the night who were howling and keeping Dax and I awake as they were after a poor little frightened Elk who also kept bugling.

The circle of life, Megan, it's the circle of Life.

After our nap we took a little hike down a path and had a delicious picnic and a chess game which I would've won but my husband is too Beastly I suppose.

We read some more of "The Host" By Stephanie Meyer, started a fire and just waited until we were hungry enough for our favorite Johnsonville jalapeno cheddar hot dogs!

More people ended up coming Friday night and ended up blasting their music from the time we were having dinner at about 6:30 to when I woke up at 1am having to go to the bathroom from all the pressure being put on my bladder because of the hard ground.

The trip was over too soon but Dax and I were ready to sleep on our bed that feels like clouds once again. Maybe we'll make this a tradition and go at the beginning of Fall every year. I love you too Dax!

The continuous story:

The Party of Spring had finally arrived and Belle was anxious and nervous all at the same time. He was expecting her. Adam was expecting her. THE PRINCE WAS EXPECTING HER! Every cell of her body it seemed was under attack as she walked slowly to the village. Perhaps a little too slow for she was going to be late.

At the top of the hill overlooking the village and the valley, Belle looked down at all the lights warmly glowing, inviting her closer and out of the chill of the night.

"Here goes nothing," Belle whispered to herself before descending down into the town.

Others were already there laughing and playing games with each other. There were streamers all over in no real pattern at all. Everyone it seemed was wearing a strangely shaped hat, such as the ones worn by Sir. Walter Disney's adviser the Mad Hatter.  There was a long table in the middle of the square that was adorned with many different shaped tea pots and cups. The table had other things on it besides the tea party decorations. It had cakes and punch, cookies and milk, coffee cake and lemon bars, and a smoldering jar of what only could be homemade root beer.

Belle had always been fascinated by the new found foggy drink. The fog was cold as it came out of the top of the root beer container and it felt like air but you could see it. The fog would ooze out the top and over the sides of the container as though a witch had brewed it herself. Belle immediately went to go run her fingers across the fog when she tripped and spilled half the root beer all over the cobble stone street.

Belles face flushed red hot and she looked around. Everyone was still laughing and playing games and hadn't noticed her embarrassing and clumsy moment. Or so she thought...

When she turned back around there he was. Prince Adam.

The Prince had noticed she had spilled and had immediately come to her rescue and began to help her clean it up.

Belle was fascinated with how quick to action the Prince was with helping her and her heart oozed with affection just like the root beer had on the floor. He hardly said anything while they cleaned. Belle, out of embarrassment was the only voice by the table. He didn't make fun of her. He didn't seem bothered in anyway that she was a clown, and Belle began to realize that she was falling in love with him.

Belle and Adam stayed by the table all night talking and nothing else seemed to exist. Not even time. The sound of the people playing was hollow, as though you were listening to them from one end of a tunnel. They were a murmur against the love glassed eyes and the sound of each others voices.  Eventually the sound drowned itself completely out as everyone slowly began to leave, unaware to the two sitting with one another  wrapped into their conversation. They were instant friends, comfortable with talking about anything even though they were just barely strangers.

Belle loved talking with him and felt like she had known him much longer than a couple of days. She felt comfortably wrapped in his words as though she had a blanket draped around her shoulders. Suddenly there was a tap on her shoulder and when she turned around it was her Earthly father.

"Hi Daddy," Belle said suddenly realizing that there wasn't anyone else there and most of the lights had gone out.

"Do you know what time it is?" Her father asked with a serious expression but his tone was light and so were his eyes.

" I guess I don't." Belle replied

"It's about 2 o' clock in the morning, my dear. Come let me take you back home in the carriage," Her father said sweetly pulling his daughter up from the chair. "I'll be waiting int he carriage," Belles Father said as he winked to her.

"I guess I should go too," The Prince said shifting his weight uncomfortably. He lifted up his arms and Belle leaned a little forward.

"Maybe he is just talking with his arms," Belle thought. "Maybe he doesn't  want to give me a hug," Belle straightened and Adam put his arms down.

"That's probably a good idea," Belle said but neither of them moved.

"Um...we'll have to go to the theatre sometime to watch the play I was telling you about," Adam said making Belle feel a little confused when he put his arms up again.

"Yes, that'd be nice," Belle said unsure what to do.

"Well," Adam said clearing his throat, "Goodnight," He said lifting his arms the third time but this time he moved towards her and Belle moved towards him and they hugged.

It was only a one armed hug but it made Belles heart race.

To be Continued...


The Paper Flower I had made Dax for our anniversary.
(More on that later)


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