Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Creativity and Food

It about time!

It seems as though just about everyone posts something about pinterest  or has something from their blog posted on pinterest.

I know I'm guilty of it!

In fact I'm sure I'm guilty of a lot...but we won't get into too much of that. ;)

At first when pinterest was blooming I didn't want to have anything to do with it. Not because it was a bad or terrible sight, but because I didn't trust myself with all those pictures and links of things that I would possibly be obsessed with and then I would have to add that to my guilty list....


It's on my guilty list.

I probably spend more time than I should scanning the main page of pinterest and 'pinning' everything that I think is a neat craft idea or could be a great recipe to try.

And for just about everyone who knows me knows I love to get into a creative tizzy to the point of frustration, or that I LOVE to eat and make food. In fact it can get really crazy in the kitchen if you combine the two:
Creativity AND food.

It could be dangerous.

Mostly because somehow cooking in the kitchen can transport me into a sort of trans and give me relief and peace and then can instantly turn into a chore or stress when my creativity kicks in or I'm missing a vital ingredient.

To get to the point: I have decided to share some of my own creative recipes for rotisserie chicken.

On pinterest I found a pin for "52 uses for Rotisserie Chicken" from a food blogger "Inspired by e-recipe" ( click here for their site ).

Some of them sounded pretty delicious, genius, or that I'd like to try such as:

  1. Making your Own Chicken Stock
  2. Chicken Spread Sliders
  3. Mom's Chicken Salad
  4. Cajun Chicken Salad
  5. Chicken Pot Pie/ Chicken and Biscuits 
...But some of the others just didn't match up with my pallet.

And so I decided to post some of my own that I've found have turned out really good and are very versatile and easy.

When my husband and I needed lunch while we were at my dad's chiropractic office volunteering (check him out on here!) I went down to the nearest Safeway.

I was looking for food that would last through the weekend since my husband and I were going to be traveling for his physical therapy appointment. I saw the rotisserie chicken and have always wanted to buy one, especially when I used to work for Wal-Mart and I was tortured with the delicious aroma every time someone came through my line buying one. But it always seemed like too much chicken for two people.


It was perfect.

A 7-8 dollar chicken (they were more pricey at Safeway) lasted for about 3 meals for 2 people.

I also bought tortillas, salad, caeser dressing, two yoplait parfaits, and of course the chicken for chicken wraps for lunch.


Meal number one.

The next meal was that night when Dax and I had arrived to our destination.
I took some pre-squeezed lemon juice (approximation: 1 lemon worth)
About a cup of shredded chicken
Bow-tie noodles
1 can of diced tomatoes
Mrs Dash seasoning (to taste)
Poultry Seasoning (to taste)
Lemon garlic seasoning (to taste)
A little olive oil
and since I just go crazy and start throwing in things I probably threw in a few other seasonings that I don't remember.
First I boiled the noodles.
Next I warmed up the couple of teaspoons of olive oil and threw in the chicken.
Thirdly I added the lemon diced tomatoes and seasoning until it all smelled heavenly.
I might have even added some basil flavored olive oil...just a teaspoon.
Some pepper may have been involved as well as the other seasonings and then mixed with a half of a box of bow tie noodles and there you have it: A refreshing meal that made you want more than you made.

Have a go with it and maybe go a little extra crazy on it and be creative.

And the third meal was Chicken Salad. If you have always had your chicken salad from canned chicken- after this you will no longer buy that canned junk! Just pre-shred all your chicken and it'll be just as quick!
I used:
 honey crisp apples
black grapes ( I think they look more like really dark purple grapes. They're large, sweet, and crispy)
Mayo (not as much as you'd think. I think we usually stick more on the canned to kind of get rid of that weird taste but with this all you really need is a little mayonnaise. It is to taste but from experience add a very small amount and then add more.)
and some crescent rolls.
Simple, pretty healthy, and super delicious!

P.S. Try this tongue twister for a good laugh:  Which Wrist Watches Are Swiss Wrist Watches.

Take a laugh on me.


P.S. I decided that my blogs are like my brain: all over the place. Therefore I will finish more of Dax and my story on a post all it's own.


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