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My Very Own Fairytale

Once upon a time,
 In a land not so far away, there lived a young woman. She was an ordinary looking girl, or so she thought. She was of far more precious worth than even she realized as she was the daughter of a king and queen. She could not see her father the king, but she could talk to him as often as she wanted and could feel his presence. 
One day, the young woman was distraught. She would go out and wade in the lake to wait for her prince to come but all she could get were frogs! In disgust she would head back to her home and talk to her father. 
"Father," She would say. "I am sick of all these frogs! I want a prince who can take me to your beautiful Castle and we can all be a family forever someday! If I'm going to fall in love again he better be the right one! He better want a family, he better love me second to you, father, he better be strong, especially spiritually, and he better know where his priorities are!" 
The King, although the young woman could not see him, smiled all knowingly and told his daughter to be patient, she just had to look in a different place, and her prince would be waiting there, prepared just for her, around the corner. 
A few months went by and the young woman kept wading in the lake waiting for her prince. Another frog came up to her and wanted to hold her hand. The young woman didn't know it was a frog and loved having the attention. The more she learned about the frog and his nasty habits of eating flies for dinner she knew she couldn't be in a relationship with him. She realized that it felt nice to be admired by someone but it wasn't worth the slime. 
And then it began to rain. Hard. 
In a rush the young woman began to run towards the warmth and dry home. Inside it was warm and comfortable and bright. There was a young man there whom the young woman had seen before talking to all the people of the church about the adventure he had gone on. The young woman in her heart knew she wanted to talk to him, but she was wet and cold and didn't want to embarrass  herself in front of everyone. When she had gotten into a clean dress and was dry she went back to talk to him but he was gone. The young woman went up to her sister who had told her that he was going to be in the village to teach her class all of the next week. Excited the young woman prepared for what she was going to do. But no one expected what would happen next.

The Next week...
The young woman went into the village to deposit some of her gold coins into the treasury and then be nice and pretend to go to her sisters class to walk her sister home. The young woman's real intent was to have an opportunity to talk to the mysterious young man she had seen talking to the people of the church and later in her house when she was drenched from the rain.

On her way to the village, through the trees and bright green grass, she thought about the promise her father had given her. If she would "look in a different spot there would be a man prepared just for her, right around the corner." 

Butterflies exploded in the young woman's chest and she smiled. Slowly the smile faded as a new thought came into her mind. She had been told by another friend that he had a bowed and shortened right leg and the young woman knew that, that kind of operation from the miracle  man would be very expensive. Could she live that tight? Could she live through that? Was she strong enough? 

The wind seemed to blow cold around her and her pace slowed, almost to a stop. This thought saddened her deeply and she hadn't even talked to the man yet! Suddenly her heart burned with love and in her mind came a strong thought of "yes you can! You were made for this". And that horrid thought never bothered her again. 

The young woman bound up and over the flowered hill and right into the middle of town. She deposited her gold coins and went straight to the school house. The town clock tower rung and it was only 5 minutes before the class would start! The young woman panicked! She couldn't just turn around and go home, that would take to much time! However, she could very well go in, what if the man thought she was following him? 

Of course she was, but he didn't need to know that! 

She was only supposed to be there right before class got out!

With a large breath of courage the young woman walked into the building and sat in the back to not draw too much attention to herself, and wait, until the class was over and all the other students exited the building. 

The end of class came by the ring of a bell and all the students rushed out, except one. The young woman recognized this boy from church and internally groaned. 

"He's suspicious!" She thought

"Hey, Belle. What are you doing here?" the boy asked.

"Oh you know...just walking my sister home, Simon" the young woman said quickly to try and end the conversation so he would leave, giving her plenty of room to embarrass herself in front of an audience of one. 

"Oh, that's nice." The boy said and then continued to stand there. Belle was on the verge of shooing him out when he left on his own. 

Now what? 

Belles sister exited the room to give Belle sometime but she didn't even know what to say. The man was slowly turning pages in his binder and Belle knew she better say something quick because she knew he was already aware of her awkward presence. 

There was a song she had heard once from the land of Sir. Walter Disney, and so she improvised. 

"Um," She began and the man looked up at her with is beautiful caramel eyes and her heart just about sped right out of her chest. Her palms began to sweat and the more she dragged out the unintelligent word 'um' the more stupid she felt and the more confused the man looked. 

"supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?" Belle asked only a foot or two away from the man. The mans eyebrows furrowed and Belle envisioned her face in her palm.

"Excuse me?" The man said his voice as deep as a canyon and as strong as a river. His rain kissed earth colored hair, his olive toned skin, the soft caramel eyes, and his kind deep voice were all a recipe to make her heart melt. And now she added the wrong ingredient: the pudding of stupidity. 

So to make things better she had to explain herself. 

"You know," Belle said her face feeling as though she had stuck it in a bakers oven. "In the song it says that if you don't know anything good to say to just say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and you'll sound smart anyways?" Belle attempted and the man laughed. "But that's the problem," Belle thought to herself. "You don't sound smart either way and how do you know he's even heard that song?" 

The man didn't seem to mind. 

The two talked for a little more than an hour before the man said he had to return the carriage to his mother and he left without any other knowledge then each others names and that Belle was a love stuck woman who was obsessed with the land of Disney. 

That night, much to the surprise of Belle was a letter waiting for her from the man she had met earlier that day.

Dear Miss Belle,

If you are not otherwise engaged on the week of the break for Spring I would very much enjoy your company. 
If it is of convince for you, please meet me the Monday next, in the middle of town for the Party of Spring.

Cordially signed,

Prince Adam

Excited Belle began to prepare for the party and over and over the letter played in her mind:

Prince Adam, Prince Adam, had her prince finally come?

The Party of Spring, 
Had finally arrived and Belle was anxious and nervous all at the same time. He was expecting her. Adam was expecting her. THE PRINCE WAS EXPECTING HER! Every cell of her body it seemed was under attack as she walked slowly to the village. Perhaps a little too slow for she was going to be late.

At the top of the hill overlooking the village and the valley, Belle looked down at all the lights warmly glowing, inviting her closer and out of the chill of the night.

"Here goes nothing," Belle whispered to herself before descending down into the town.

Others were already there laughing and playing games with each other. There were streamers all over in no real pattern at all. Everyone it seemed was wearing a strangely shaped hat, such as the ones worn by Sir. Walter Disney's adviser the Mad Hatter.  There was a long table in the middle of the square that was adorned with many different shaped tea pots and cups. The table had other things on it besides the tea party decorations. It had cakes and punch, cookies and milk, coffee cake and lemon bars, and a smoldering jar of what only could be homemade root beer.

Belle had always been fascinated by the new found foggy drink. The fog was cold as it came out of the top of the root beer container and it felt like air but you could see it. The fog would ooze out the top and over the sides of the container as though a witch had brewed it herself. Belle immediately went to go run her fingers across the fog when she tripped and spilled half the root beer all over the cobble stone street.

Belles face flushed red hot and she looked around. Everyone was still laughing and playing games and hadn't noticed her embarrassing and clumsy moment. Or so she thought...

When she turned back around there he was. Prince Adam.

The Prince had noticed she had spilled and had immediately come to her rescue and began to help her clean it up.

Belle was fascinated with how quick to action the Prince was with helping her and her heart oozed with affection just like the root beer had on the floor. He hardly said anything while they cleaned. Belle, out of embarrassment was the only voice by the table. He didn't make fun of her. He didn't seem bothered in anyway that she was a clown, and Belle began to realize that she was falling in love with him.

Belle and Adam stayed by the table all night talking and nothing else seemed to exist. Not even time. The sound of the people playing was hollow, as though you were listening to them from one end of a tunnel. They were a murmur against the love glassed eyes and the sound of each others voices.  Eventually the sound drowned itself completely out as everyone slowly began to leave, unaware to the two sitting with one another  wrapped into their conversation. They were instant friends, comfortable with talking about anything even though they were just barely strangers.

Belle loved talking with him and felt like she had known him much longer than a couple of days. She felt comfortably wrapped in his words as though she had a blanket draped around her shoulders. Suddenly there was a tap on her shoulder and when she turned around it was her Earthly father.

"Hi Daddy," Belle said suddenly realizing that there wasn't anyone else there and most of the lights had gone out.

"Do you know what time it is?" Her father asked with a serious expression but his tone was light and so were his eyes.

" I guess I don't." Belle replied

"It's about 2 o' clock in the morning, my dear. Come let me take you back home in the carriage," Her father said sweetly pulling his daughter up from the chair. "I'll be waiting int he carriage," Belles Father said as he winked to her.

"I guess I should go too," The Prince said shifting his weight uncomfortably. He lifted up his arms and Belle leaned a little forward.

"Maybe he is just talking with his arms," Belle thought. "Maybe he doesn't  want to give me a hug," Belle straightened and Adam put his arms down.

"That's probably a good idea," Belle said but neither of them moved.

"Um...we'll have to go to the theatre sometime to watch the play I was telling you about," Adam said making Belle feel a little confused when he put his arms up again.

"Yes, that'd be nice," Belle said unsure what to do.

"Well," Adam said clearing his throat, "Goodnight," He said lifting his arms the third time but this time he moved towards her and Belle moved towards him and they hugged.

It was only a one armed hug but it made Belles heart race.

Things just kept getting better.
Belle was excited to have Prince Adam to her house only a couple of days after their long conversation. Something just felt right about him and Belle was determined to let him go at his own speed. 
As Belle and Adam talked, Belle learned that he had never courted a girl before, and Belle wanted to make sure that he did things because he wanted to, not because they were encouraged by her in anyway. She wanted him to be comfortable and she was going to be patient. 
The doorbell suddenly rung and Belles heart leaped from her chest and began to pound against her rib cage. 
He's here! 
Belle raced down the stairs and then composed herself before seeing the prince. He was so handsome. He was wearing a magnificent fluffy coat for the chill of the lingering winter, although they had just celebrated spring. 
"Hello," he said smiling. 
"Hi," Belle practically whispered. "Would you like to go and sit in the foyer? I could have tea and snacks brought to us," 
"I would love to. Alas, I ate before I came over. Therefore the treats are not necessary." 
"Alright," Belle smiled again and led the prince to the foyer where there were beautifully embroidered couches and chairs, and a fire to take of the chill in the house. 
Belle introduced Adam to all of her family and they had a wonderful dinner later, only to return to the foyer for more conversation. 
Then things fell silent. 
It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, or a silence caused by an argument, it wasn't even a silence that was unwanted. 
It was a soft and thoughtful silence. They could be silent one with another and it didn't matter, as long as they were together everything felt right and warm. 
Belle looked over at Adam and he had his chin resting on fist, deep in thought.
"What has such a deep hold on your thoughts?" She asked and Adam didn't budge for awhile. He glanced at her and then went back to whatever it was that was making him think so hard. "Are you just trying to think of the right way to say it?" Belle asked and Adam nodded. 'He was going to tell her he loved her,' Belle thought. 'that's how it always has gone before.' The frogs would hold her hand first, then they would tell her they loved her, sometimes they would even kiss her a few times before they would...
"Would you court me?" Adam suddenly blurted out looking deep into Belles eyes. Belles heart gasped and then sighed and then cried out "YES YES YES!" However, Belles head suddenly kicked in. Maybe he didn't want a relationship, maybe he just wanted to date. 
"Well, what do you mean?" Belle asked. She wanted to be sure that she knew exactly what he was asking before she gave her answer.
"Um, never mind," Adam said nervously, looking the other way. Belles heart dropped. 'oh no!' she thought, ' I've lost my chance!'  
"No, please. I just want to understand what you meant. Did you mean you wanted to court me exclusively or non-exclusively?" 
"Exclusively." Adam answered.
"Yes. I would love to court you."
Belle and Adam elapsed into a silence again before Belle asked, "Prince Adam. Why do you want to court me?"
 "I've had it constantly probed into my brain all day. I feel like it's what I need to do. What I want to do," Adam responded with a smile after a few moments of thought. 
'this is so different then I'm used to' Belle thought ' but I love it. I believe it's what I needed, to know that he's not just another frog in disguise.'

The next day,
After church Belle took Adam home with her to spend the day and to show him her favorite old bridge that wasn't too far from her home. When they had got there the wind began to blow bitterly but they were loving every cold minute. They laughed with each other and made up stories of bridge trolls and other tall-tales. They hugged more to keep warm and Belle noticed her Prince was shivering. She encouraged that they run a little to pump their blood and as they ran their hands slid together. Both Belle and Adam stopped running and looked at each other, shocked. They smiled and held on tighter as they walked back to the carriage to take them home and out of the wind.  

Belle was worried. 
Prince Adam had invited her to then visit his family and home a few days after they were officially courting. The last serious relationship she had, had she hadn't seen much of his family and she didn't feel like she was very liked or welcomed, there. Belle drove to his house and was surprised how humble it was, being that he was a Prince and lived in one of the wealthiest communities in the city. 
His home was an antique and strangely built, but it had an overwhelming feeling of love embedded in it's very walls. It was warm just like the Prince and it was buzzing with encouragement and welcome. The princes family made Belle feel as though she were just as much apart of the family, and her nerves had instantly melted away. The prince had taken Belle to his foyer after dinner where they talked more as everyone else was falling asleep. Belle wanted more than anything to tell him how she felt. How much she loved him but didn't know how it was possible, being as they had only met about a week ago. 
"What is it that is on your mind?" The prince asked just as she was thinking about how she couldn't tell him she loved him. It was too soon. She couldn't very well lie to him now. She didn't want any of that. They had been so open and honest with each other that she wanted to keep it that way.
"Well, I'm just waiting for you to tell me first," She said and regretted it instantly. She didn't want him to tell her he loved her just because she insinuated it. Maybe lying would have been better, just this once. 
"What? That I love you?" Adam asked and Belle nodded slightly and then turned away in shame. "Because I do." He said softly and Belles heart purred affectionately. HE LOVED HER TOO!
" I didn't want to say it before now because I wanted to make sure I really and truly did love you. I didn't want it to be just three words that I said to you. I wanted them to mean something that I really feel, and they do. All of my other friends would just instantly say they loved a girl and then wouldn't court her anymore. I wanted to say I loved a girl and really mean it. I love you, Belle."
"I love you too," Belle said and every word tasted sweet as it rolled from her tongue.

Approximately a week later,
Belle and Adam were together at her home again. The couple had gone back and forth visiting each family every day and never being apart. They would talk until the early hours of the morning and have to tare themselves away from one another to go home and get rest. One night, a few weeks after meeting, they were talking in the kitchen about marriage and Belle remembered a letter she had wrote before knowing Adam. She told him it was a letter for her future husband.
"Can I read it?" the Prince asked and Belle began to feel uncomfortable.
"I was kind of hoping it'd be for his eyes only," Belle said and then thought 'well, I know I'm going to marry this prince. Why shouldn't he read it?'
"Well I guess you can read it. I'll go get it, it's in my room." Belle ran to her room to retrieve the letter. After the Prince had read it and given it back they began to talk about the possibility of them getting married.
"Belle," The prince said looking extremely troubled . " I want to marry you I do, it's just that I need to get my bowed and short leg fixed."
"Things have a way of working themselves out. If it feels right I don't think we should put it on hold. Do you want to pray about it?" Belle asked. Belle was thrilled and put out all at the same time. She remembered before she had even talked to the Prince that she was worried about his leg and being able to support him through that. She was worried if she would be strong enough for him. However just ask quickly as those fears intruded her thoughts they vanished and were replaced with a "yes, I can", and she never thought of it again. She would be there for him forever and always and she would do for him whatever she could. He was a wonderful person to her. He was an example of faith and love to her. He was her guiding star and if she could only repay him for everything he'd done for her, she'd do it. She'd do anything, even if it meant waiting longer for him.
"You're right. Yes I would love to pray with you. When would you want to get married?" Adam said curiously.
"Well, your brother is away on a journey and won't be back till August. I think family is important and I would love for everyone to be there so we could get married the beginning of September. Maybe September 3rd?"
Adam nodded and they knelt down to pray.
The feeling was amazing. His voice rang with the power of God. It was one of the many reasons she fell in love with him. He had such a strong testimony in the gospel and it shone from every bit of him and when he spoke she couldn't help but listen. Love embraced them as they prayed to know the right direction to go and after they prayed they hugged each other tightly. When they pulled apart they didn't stand from the floor. They just gazed into their eyes and then Adam hit Belle in her face...
with his lips.
He went in hard but it was the best first kiss she had ever had. And it was Adam's first kiss ever. He was extremely nervous but he had wanted to kiss her for the past few weeks but could never gain up the courage to do so. It tortured him ever time the song "Kiss the Girl" was played, so when he had the opportunity he didn't want to think to much about it and just do it. Hence the punch in the face.

The couple wanted to keep the engagement a secret,
Until Adam got a ring for Belle. They only ones they told were their close family members. That's where they found out that the 3rd of September was a holiday and so they changed their date to the 9th of September. It was better that way anyway since his birthday was on a 9th and her birthday was on a 9th. 9 was just their special number.
The official engagement was on Belles birthday on her favorite bridge when Adam had asked her if she'd be his forever. Her ring was princess cut and she really felt like a princess. He gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, took her out to dinner, and had somehow even made it snow. Her birthday was amazing and she was glowing all over.

September 9th 2011,
Had finally arrived. Belle had woken up earlier then the rest of her sleeping family and waited for the rooster to crow. Once he had the rest of her family was finally up and she was ready to get into her gown and go get married to her Prince.
When her hair was all done and her gown all tied up, Adam got to see her for the second time in her dress. The first time he saw her was the night before when they had gotten their wedding pictures done.
  She was going to her Father's castle and she was going to become Adam's Queen. Her Fathers castle was beautiful and peaceful and she could feel his love around her. She was so happy she couldn't cry as she knelt by her soul mate in the room where dreams really did come true and everything was bright and full of rainbows, hope, and love. She went into her father's castle as Princess Belle and came out as Queen Belle. Everything was clear and precious and she wouldn't change anything about the day.

One Year Later,
They had gone through it all, so Belle thought. They were back with her family due to the death of Belle's Grandmother whom they were helping take care of as her husband Adam recovered from his leg lengthening and straightening procedure. It was a tough year but they had grown closer in more ways than one. For their anniversary Belle had multiple plans. One was to go the traditional route and make gifts of paper. "Paper. It symbolizes the strength in paper that comes from the interlaced connection of the paper's individual threads."
She made her own tickets for a movie night, she made a paper rose (as posted on another blog post), and she wrote a poem and a summery of their first year together. She was happy with her marriage, but life was another story.
There were always people that would tell her that marriage is hard. Being newlywed she never liked that saying. 'Why should marriage be hard?' she would think. 'Life is hard, marriage makes it easy'. 
Marriage is only hard because of outside circumstances- life. Most marriage complications are over money, or jobs, other people, selfishness, etcetera. When life gives you lemons throw them out and go to what means most: your husband. He's your companion. He's your counselor, your trainer, and your beacon when life seems dark. And when you reach him kneel down together and reach out to your everything: your Heavenly Father. He's your creator, your guidance, and your peace. Your relationship was based on love and grew off faith. Don't let the world interfere with what matters most. Don't let life wedge into your most precious gifts. Let life be treated by those gifts. Let your God, your husband, and your family ease the burden that life can give and wake up every morning with the adversary upset that you have control over how your feel and how your react.

Life is HARD. Marriage makes it EASY.




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