Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Belle, her Bag, and her Beast- Blog Day 3


I didn't have anytime to post yesterday because....

 I made this!
 The front of the bag!
 The back of the bag!
The insides of the bag!

That's right folks! I made this bag without a pattern! I just cut and sew, cut and sew! I still don't think pictures do it justice but it still looks pretty amazing, wouldn't you say? I really needed a bag for church to carry my brand new button closed set of scriptures that my husband the "beast" gave me for Christmas last year. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I got the idea to make my own bag from church last week. There was a cute little girl in the class I was helping in and she had a bag that her mom had made. Then the wheels began to turn. A few days later and walla! Out from the right section of my brain arose my creation! MUHAHAHAHA! 

*clears throat* 

Moving on...

On the front of the bag there is two kinds of fabric that I had to sew together. My first mistake was following the #1 sewing rule that my mother infused into my bwain: "Right sides together". 

Oh yes...

We are breaking the law here with this bag! 

In order to create the cute little ruffles of the front I had to sew outside the lines of sewing form and sew backsides together! 


Then to have a more spill proof inside of the bag I added a silky backside to my front, and a little fluff in-between for a more lovable and squishy bag. 

I wanted a large pocket on the bag, I ran out of brown fabric, and I didn't want just the plain green on the back and SO the lacy pocket on the back was born!

And the back somehow ended up being smaller than the front....


I added a bit of the stretchier green fabric to the sides, added a cell phone pocket, and little pencil pockets and


Somehow my ugly looking bag turned pretty! I braided the handle with more green fabric, took pictures, and  posted them! Hows that for someone who doesn't really know how to sew and didn't follow a pattern?

Alright! Enough of the bag and back to story time!

The Next week...
The young woman went into the village to deposit some of her gold coins into the treasury and then be nice and pretend to go to her sisters class to walk her sister home. The young woman's real intent was to have an opportunity to talk to the mysterious young man she had seen talking to the people of the church and later in her house when she was drenched from the rain.

On her way to the village, through the trees and bright green grass, she thought about the promise her father had given her. If she would "look in a different spot there would be a man prepared just for her, right around the corner." 

Butterflies exploded in the young woman's chest and she smiled. Slowly the smile faded as a new thought came into her mind. She had been told by another friend that he had a bowed and shortened right leg and the young woman knew that, that kind of operation from the miracle  man would be very expensive. Could she live that tight? Could she live through that? Was she strong enough? 

The wind seemed to blow cold around her and her pace slowed, almost to a stop. This thought saddened her deeply and she hadn't even talked to the man yet! Suddenly her heart burned with love and in her mind came a strong thought of "yes you can! You were made for this". And that horrid thought never bothered her again. 

The young woman bound up and over the flowered hill and right into the middle of town. She deposited her gold coins and went straight to the school house. The town clock tower rung and it was only 5 minutes before the class would start! The young woman panicked! She couldn't just turn around and go home, that would take to much time! However, she could very well go in, what if the man thought she was following him? 

Of course she was, but he didn't need to know that! 

She was only supposed to be there right before class got out!

With a large breath of courage the young woman walked into the building and sat in the back to not draw too much attention to herself, and wait, until the class was over and all the other students exited the building. 

The end of class came by the ring of a bell and all the students rushed out, except one. The young woman recognized this boy from church and internally groaned. 

"He's suspicious!" She thought

"Hey, Belle. What are you doing here?" the boy asked.

"Oh you know...just walking my sister home, Simon" the young woman said quickly to try and end the conversation so he would leave, giving her plenty of room to embarrass herself in front of an audience of one. 

"Oh, that's nice." The boy said and then continued to stand there. Belle was on the verge of shooing him out when he left on his own. 

Now what? 

Belles sister exited the room to give Belle sometime but she didn't even know what to say. The man was slowly turning pages in his binder and Belle knew she better say something quick because she knew he was already aware of her awkward presence. 

There was a song she had heard once from the land of Sir. Walter Disney, and so she improvised. 

"Um," She began and the man looked up at her with is beautiful caramel eyes and her heart just about sped right out of her chest. Her palms began to sweat and the more she dragged out the unintelligent word 'um' the more stupid she felt and the more confused the man looked. 

"supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?" Belle asked only a foot or two away from the man. The mans eyebrows furrowed and Belle envisioned her face in her palm.

"Excuse me?" The man said his voice as deep as a canyon and as strong as a river. His rain kissed earth colored hair, his olive toned skin, the soft caramel eyes, and his kind deep voice were all a recipe to make her heart melt. And now she added the wrong ingredient: the pudding of stupidity. 

So to make things better she had to explain herself. 

"You know," Belle said her face feeling as though she had stuck it in a bakers oven. "In the song it says that if you don't know anything good to say to just say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and you'll sound smart anyways?" Belle attempted and the man laughed. "But that's the problem," Belle thought to herself. "You don't sound smart either way and how do you know he's even heard that song?" 

The man didn't seem to mind. 

The two talked for a little more than an hour before the man said he had to return the carriage to his mother and he left without any other knowledge then each others names and that Belle was a love stuck woman who was obsessed with the land of Disney. 

That night, much to the surprise of Belle was a letter waiting for her from the man she had met earlier that day.

Dear Miss Belle,

If you are not otherwise engaged on the week of the break for Spring I would very much enjoy your company. 
If it is of convince for you, please meet me the Monday next, in the middle of town for the Party of Spring.

Cordially signed,

Prince Adam

Excited Belle began to prepare for the party and over and over the letter played in her mind:

Prince Adam, Prince Adam, had her prince finally come?

To be continued...


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