Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Starting Over

Have you ever wanted a clean slate?

If you are anywhere near being a human being, I bet you've made mistakes- or maybe not the BEST choices-and wish you could go back an have a re-do.

But where's the fun in that? >insert smiley face here<

Everything that has come our way has been there for a purpose. If it wasn't meant to be that way than it would have been different. I guess you could say the real challenge is figuring out WHY it happened that way.

For example: why was I not more consistent with this blog?

Perhaps because life, itself, is full of inconsistencies.

There is so much that I love that it ends up all coming out in a jumble of information, strewn across whomever chances to find it. I love food, dancing, artwork, writing, spending time with family, and children to name a few.

I should be asleep right now.

Have you ever been so unsettled, that in order to figure it all out, you must write what ever you are feeling and thinking to make sense of it all?

I think there are many moments in life where God gives you that small moment of piece and quiet to figure it all out. For some that may be sitting on the toilet contemplating what it was that you ate last and how your probably should exercise  more. Or maybe you're the one in the shower singing to a crowd at your own personal American Idol audition or getting hit on the foot with the conditioner and a great idea for a story just popped into your head. Maybe you're the one walking down the street admiring the world around you and the creator who made it and how if your could photograph that one moment and frame it for the world to see that you are happy; that you are you in that one moment. Not the crazed looking, always going, full of stress person that everyone might see you as.

If there is anything that can show you what that is, it's a loving Father in Heaven.

There is so much in the world that is telling you which way to go and what they think is right for you.

There are people that tell you how to be, dress, act....and that, THAT all matters.

That's not me.

If there was that one perfect moment to detail who I really am, it would be the one's unseen. The moments when the sun not only reaches and warms my skin but my heart. The moments when I am pouring out my soul to God and sharing all the bitter and sweet things. The moments when I cry when no one is looking because I am just having a bad day. The moments when I look upon the world and see all the good instead of focusing on the negative. Those moments when others may think I am ignorant, selfish, or stuck-up when really I am just open to listen.

I'm listening to them, to me, to anything.

I'm trying to find that next step. That next part of my journey, and unhappiness will not dwell there.

You are beautiful. You can dream. You can make it.

Even if I were not to have faith in you, he does. Because HE made you, and loves you.

I plan to follow through on promises, complete goals, and live my dreams.

What are you going to do with TODAY? Please comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Here's to a clean slate.


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